The SCEA Domaine de Villeneuve is a farm which belongs to Michael Ehmann, president and founder of Nataïs, the Europeen leader of popcorn production. The farm, which is today managed by Christophe Morelière, is used as a test farm for all the agronomy trials that are conducted by Nataïs.

The 250 hectare farm is located in Bezeril, France. The soils are for the most part clay-loamy. The crop rotation is mostly winter wheat / popcorn. Average annual rainfall is between 650 and 700mm. The entire farm is irrigated with 5 pivots and 2 irrigation drums.

The equipment on the farm is the following :

– 2 John-Deere Tractors : 7230r & 6140r with RTK autosteer system
– Planter : Horsch Seed-Exactor 4m & Horsch Maestro 8.60CC
– Tillage : Horsch Joker 6m & Horsch Evo 8 rows
– Spreading : Tecnoma Sprayer 24m and Bogballe fertilizer spreader

In the near future, and with an objective to rationalize the equipment fleet, it is planned to sell the JD 6140r and only have on tractor on the farm.

DSC_0676 - Version 2